CryoAction and two of its English Premier League clients, Leicester City FC and Watford FC, were featured in an article in Daily Telegraph.
The article covers the clubs’ adoption of whole body cryotherapy as a key component of their players recovery protocols.
Both clubs have acquired transportable cryotherapy chambers which have been deployed at their training grounds.
Speaking about the article, CryoAction director, Ian Saunders, commented “It is flattering that our technology is in use by such prestigious clients and that their adoption of whole body cryotherapy may, in some way, have assisted in the respective clubs route to possible Premiership and FA Cup titles”.

Middlesbrough, flying high in the Championship table, have recently tried out whole body cryotherapy to give the team a possible edge over their rivals in the final push for promotion to the Premiership.
The facility was arranged by CryoAction and provided by their partners, BOC. The mobile chamber offers a walk-in chamber enabling 2-3 players to be treated at a time, with temperatures reaching as low as -135°C.

Whoie Body Cryotherapy enables a faster recovery from fatigue and reduces the impact of any soft tissue injuries.

The session took place at MIddlesbrough’s Rockliffe training centre and was featured on Middlesbrough’s own TV channel.

CryoAction director, David Morris was featured in the accompanying video.