Watford FC– Watford FC is the first Premier League club to install and use a permanent cryotherapy chamber provided by CryoAction and BOC under a new business partnership
– CryoAction and BOC link to offer supply of permanent cryotherapy chambers and liquid nitrogen gas for CryoAction -135oC recovery treatment sites
– BOC also announces second mobile Cryotherapy Chamber to serve increasing demand around major international sporting competitions.

LONDON, 6th May 2016 – Today, Premier League football stars from Watford FC experienced extreme cold whole body cryotherapy recovery treatment to mark the start of the team’s permanent use of cryotherapy as part of its recovery and training regimes. The treatment, provided by CryoAction and BOC exposes athletes to short bursts of -135°C, helping to speed up players’ recovery times during a busy end-of-season fixture schedule, which included an FA Cup semi-final tie against Crystal Palace and high profile clashes against Arsenal, Everton and West Ham.

Richard Collinge, Head of Medical at Watford, said: “We have been extremely impressed here at Watford FC with the effects of whole body cryotherapy. It has without doubt contributed towards the optimal recovery of our fit and injured players amongst the other recovery strategies that we implement as a medical and sports science department.”

An increasing number of sports teams are turning to whole body cryotherapy treatments as part of their training regimes to speed up recovery from intense physical exertion and get players back into training days ahead of schedule. This is becoming increasingly advantageous, particularly as fixture lists become more congested and injuries impact teams more than ever. International football teams, rugby, tennis and Olympic athletes are just a few of the different sports now investing heavily in the treatment.

Watford sports scientist Ben Dixon added: “We feel here at Watford FC that whole body cryotherapy has played a significant role in both our post-match recovery protocols and rehabilitation strategies. By maximising the speed of recovery it allows the players to maintain and improve their physical performance throughout the season whilst minimising the risk of injury. The installation of the new cryotherapy chamber at the Club’s training ground will ensure we continue to benefit from this in the future.”

Whole body cryotherapy both speeds up recovery and represents a major step forward from traditional ice-bath treatments, reducing cold temperature exposure time by more than two thirds. In addition, the dryness of cryotherapy treatments negates the shock and discomfort of submergence in ice-cold water, creating a far more pleasant overall experience. Research has shown that two-minute bursts of whole body cryotherapy can reduce inflammatory responses.

To meet the growing demand from elite sports teams, BOC, the UK’s leading industrial and medical gases business, has a new partnership with CryoAction, the leading provider of permanent whole body cryotherapy solutions. The alliance will see BOC and CryoAction work together to provide permanent whole body cryotherapy solutions for UK domestic and international teams.

Under the partnership, BOC will become the preferred liquid nitrogen gas supplier across all CryoAction’s permanent cryotherapy chambers, installed at stadiums, training grounds and sports complexes. CryoAction will be BOC’s supplier of choice for installed solutions. This arrangement leverages both organisations’ strengths, expertise and customer bases to enhance the offerings they provide. Both BOC & CryoAction will offer rental of BOC’s mobile cryotherapy solutions for the increasing number of elite sports teams, leisure facilities and gyms looking to incorporate cryotherapy into their recovery regimes.

To meet this growing demand resulting from this new partnership as well as for cryotherapy treatments in general, particularly in the lead up to UEFA Euro 2016, BOC has also launched a second mobile cryotherapy chamber, which will provide teams across the country with -135°C treatment on demand. BOC’s existing mobile chamber has served a number of professional football and rugby teams including West Ham FC, Arsenal FC, Warrington Wolves and Saracens rugby team in recent years.

Michael Toole, Cryotherapy Manager, BOC said: “The world’s best sports teams and leisure centres are incorporating cryotherapy treatments into their strength, conditioning and recovery regimes. We have worked with Watford FC over the past year, providing our mobile cryotherapy chamber to help recovery during last season’s Championship promotion campaign. Now an established Premier League side, Watford has incorporated cryotherapy as a permanent fixture in its training plans to help keep the whole squad fit and healthy for seasons to come.”

Ian Saunders, Director at CryoAction said: “The increasing demand for whole body cryotherapy solutions creates an opportunity for a unique partnership between BOC and CryoAction to bring best of breed technology, gas supply and service to the elite sports sector. We see the opportunity for both companies to develop this relationship to meet the cryotherapy needs of our customers in the UK and other countries. We are delighted that Watford FC is the first club to install one of our chambers, and we look forward to more teams signing up in the future.”

In one of the most amazing stories in modern football, CryoAction client’s, Leicester City Football Club have won the Premier League title for the 2015/6 season.

From battling relegation in the previous season, the club has fought back to take on the biggest clubs in the most intense and competitive league in the world and emerge victorious.

Leicester are strong advocates of cryotherapy, having brought in a rental chamber at the end of the previous season. They then embarked on an amazing run of victories that took them from near certainties for relegation to eventually finishing in 14th place.

For the 2015/6 season, the club decided to get a permanent unit installed at their training ground. CryoAction sourced and installed a cryotherapy unit for the club in the pre-season and later delivered a bespoke designed unit for the club.

The team and backroom staff are now strong advocates for cryotherapy and the technology has a key place in the recovery protocols for both post-match and post-training. Here is a video about just what cryotherapy

means to them.

This season, Leicester City have appeared at the bottom of the Premier League’s injury list. The club has managed to maintain the health and fitness of its key players. Most of have missed almost no football this season – in fact their 15th most used player, Nathan Dyer, has played just 213 minutes this season. As a comparison that is a quarter of the number of Spurs’ 15th most used player (Kevin Wimmer, 813 mins), and fifth of Arsenal’s (Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, 925 mins). Its testament to the clubs backroom team such as Dave Rennie, (Head Physiotherapist), Matt Reeves, (Head of fitness and conditioning) and Simon Murphy (First team physiotherapist) and to their integration of recovery protocols including the CryoAction cryotherapy chamber.

We are delighted to work with such a great team with a wonderful team spirit on their truly incredible journey. Our congratulations to everyone at the club.