In an epic final, held at Wembley Stadium, CryoAction client Hull FC has today won the prestigious Challenge Cup. Breaking a long held hoodoo, Hull FC beat Warrington Wolves 12-10 in a closely fought battle. Hull’s stamina and passion, late in the game, carried them from a 10-0 scoreline to scoring converted tries in the second half and taking the game.

CryoAction provided the club with access to a mobile cryotherapy chamber which has been used

by the club on various occasions throughout the season thus far. In the run up to the Challenge Cup final, CryoAction supported the club directly at their training base with a series of intensive sessions linked to pre-match preparation overseen by Hull FC Head of Performance, Paul Hatton and Adam Whitney, Strength and Conditioning Coach.

CryoAction director Ian Saunders commented on the win,” We are delighted to have been able to support Hull FC in their successful Challenge Cup campaign. There is a fantastic commitment in the club to leveraging cryotherapy and the players feel the benefits in so many ways. We congratulate the players, the backroom staff and the club’s owner on their victory and wish them continued success in the SuperLeague.”

Silver medal winners in the inaugural Olympic rugby sevens tournament, Team GB, received cryotherapy treatment from CryoAction and their partners, BOC, in the run-up to Rio Olympics.

The team drew together rugby sevens players from the England, Wales and Scotland rugby sevens team and in ten short weeks, the squad was selected and put through an intensive training programme by coaches, Simon Amor and Gareth Williams, supported by Dan Howells, strength and conditioning coach.

The intensity of the training undertaken by the player required an intervention on player recovery and the decision was taken to bring in whole body cryotherapy to help the players to recover faster and maintain the pace of the training schedule.

CryoAction were able to mobilise a cryotherapy unit to be deployed at the team’s west London training base and CryoAction staff worked with the Team GB team to put the squad through a series of treatments.

The feedback from the team was excellent with various players expressing how the treatment had improved their recovery between sessions as well as other factors such as positively impacting their sleep recovery.

Dan Howells commented, ” The boys have done a lot of hard work and put a lot of effort in so its about leaving no stone unturned in enhancing their recovery and CryoAction has been fantastic to add to the many things that we are doing in the lead-up to travelling out to Rio”