Ever wondered how cold minus 160 degrees feels when you’re having a full body cryotherapy treatment?

We know ourselves that -160°C is extremely cold when you venture out to the shops. For a start, the lowest temperature ever recorded on planet Earth was −89.2°C on Antarctica. That was recorded on the Soviet Vostok station on the chilly continent. Therefore, for three minutes in a cryosauna, you are freezing your nether regions off at a temperature twice that reading from the 21 July 1983.

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A few cryotherapy related facts and half truths you probably didn’t know about

Cryotherapy sauna image by Jacob Lund (via Shutterstock).
A whole body cryotherapy sauna booth. Image by Jacob Lund (via Shutterstock).

In the last five years, cryotherapy has taken the world by storm. It has seen a rise in popularity among football and rugby sides as a way of treating sports injuries. This is where CryoAction comes in. Cryotherapy’s use in treatment is its raison d’etre and original reason for its invention.

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CryoAction, the leading supplier of cryotherapy chambers to elite sports has launched a rental fleet of its transportable cryotherapy chambers. The chambers will be delivered to a client’s site and are configured to deliver whole body cryotherapy to up to 4 persons in any single treatment.

CryoAction director Ian Saunders explains “We are responding to the demand from a number of potential clients who need a quick recovery solution that can be deployed and deliver cryotherapy to an entire squad of players in the quickest possible time and with minimal disruption. With our range of rental options, we can meet a short term need for cryotherapy that offers the flexibility of an on-demand service which is permanently on-site throughout the rental period, allowing treatments as and when required, rather than subject to the supplier’s availability as with other rental solutions.”

“In the exciting run to the end of the football season, a number of clubs have engaged with us to provide cryotherapy to help keep their players fresh and performing at their best.” Ian added,”With the massive gains from achieving promotion to the huge pitfalls from relegation, the clubs see cryotherapy a small price to pay for what could be a large marginal gain.”

CryoAction Rental Cryotherapy ChamberCryoAction’s co-founder David Morris added, “The new CryoAction rental units are already proving popular with tournament and other event organisers who want to extend the range of options and facilities available to participating athletes. We also have considerable interest from clubs seeking to help their players prepare for the next season at training camps.”

The 6 metre whole body cryotherapy unit offers an attractive changing area, a state of the art, fully computerised 2-stage cryotherapy chamber and all the equipment necessary to deliver treatments such as specialist footwear, clothing, gloves & hats. A large liquid nitrogen vessel is also included to fuel the unit in collaboration with our partners, BOC.

Comprehensive training on the operation of the unit is offered to our client’s medical staff with CryoAction unique online support assistance available throughout the rental period.

The CryoAction rental cryotherapy chambers are subject to a minimum rental period of two weeks and customers going forward to purchase their own unit, receive 50% of their rental fees refunded against the purchase price.





CryoAction, the leading provider of whole body cryotherapy chambers to elite sports, has been shortlisted for a prestigious award. The Sports Technology Awards have nominated the company for its rapid growth in supplying a wide range of clients such as Premier League football clubs, Premiership rugby teams and leading sporting organisation across many other sporting disciplines.

” We are very honoured to have been nominated for the Sports Technology Awards,” said CryoAction co-founder Ian Saunders. “It is a recognition of the amazing work of our team and the support of our fantastic clients.”

CryoAction were nominated in the category of  Outstanding Startup and will be up against companies such as Cogran Sports, Football Whispers, ForceDecks, InCrowd & Sports Performance Tracking. The difficult job of judging the entries falls to a glittering array of elite past athletes, coaches and media personalities,  including among others Ben Ryan (Fiji Olympic Gold Medal winning 7s coach), Baroness Tammi Grey-Thompson DBE, DL (Former Paralympic and World Champion Wheelchair Racer and Member of the House of Lords) & Gareth Southgate (England Manager and Former England Football International).

The Sports Technology Awards take place on May 4th and will be held at The Roundhouse, Camden, London.