Cryotherapy Anti-Ageing image by Transurfer (via Shutterstock).
Eternal Youth: could cryotherapy be good for anti-ageing against moisturisers and creams? Image by Transurfer (via Shutterstock).

We all want to turn back time. Some of us can find a way through Cher’s 1989 hit, performed at many karaoke nights from Folkestone to Ullapool, though not that effective. We might set our computer back to a given point via System Restore or Time Machine. As an anti-ageing measure, we turn to creams, detoxification programmes, and cosmetic surgery.

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A look at the celebrities who choose cryotherapy treatments and why they choose to have them

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrities image by Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley (via Shutterstock).
Real Madrid legend Cristiano Ronaldo swears by cryotherapy so much that he has his own whole body cryotherapy chamber at home. Image by Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley (via Shutterstock).

Within our website, we have focused on the many sports teams who have turned to us for cryotherapy treatments. Teams who have hired or purchased the cryotherapy systems we offer and champion. As well as sports stars, celebrities other than sports personalities have warmed to their two minutes in the deep freeze.

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