CryoAction wishes Huddersfield Town well in their maiden Premier League season

John Smiths Stadium, Huddersfield Town's home. Image by Peter Turner, 2011 (Creative Commons License: Attribution - Some Rights Reserved).
The John Smiths Stadium: home of Huddersfield Town since 1994. Image by Peter Turner, 2011 (Creative Commons License: Attribution – Some Rights Reserved).

It had been 45 years since Huddersfield Town were last seen in the top flight of English football. In their previous stint they were relegated after two seasons, finishing the 1971 – 72 season with 25 points. Before then, previous stints in the Football League First Division were more fruitful. In 1926, they won a hat trick of League Championships. For most of that period, they were managed by Herbert Chapman. Continue reading “Best Wishes to Huddersfield Town for the Season”

Is cryotherapy a useful accessory in toning your figure and giving you a six pack?

Cryotherapy six pack image by Jasminko Ibrakovic (via Shutterstock).
All dynamic without the tension: cryotherapy could help with toning your body. Image by Jasminko Ibrakovic (via Shutterstock).

In a previous post, we had a picture of a convenience store to illustrate our company’s recent media coverage. For many people, this is the best place to get a six pack (how much is a can compared with a pub pint these days?). But we won’t be talking about that variety. Instead, we shall be talking about the wonders of getting a six pack through cryotherapy. As for getting a beer belly, that’s out of the window straight away.

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A look at the media coverage that CryoAction has attracted over the last month

CryoAction in the press newsagents image by 1000 Words (via Shutterstock).
Lately, CryoAction’s name has been seen in more local and national newspapers. Some of which sold in this newsagents and convenience store in Bristol. Image by 1000 Words (via Shutterstock).

Only two years ago, Joe Public found out about the secrets of Leicester City’s Barclays Premier League win. The treatment, which Jamie Vardy said had saved his footballing career, cryotherapy. The company, who played a pivotal role in the Foxes’ and Vardy’s progress? It was us. CryoAction.

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As part of a major refurbishment of their London Colney training centre and in preparation for the 2017-8 Premier League season, Arsenal FC has invested in a CryoAction integrated cryotherapy chamber for use by their players as key component of the team’s recovery and rehabilitation protocols.

The whole body cryotherapy system was designed and installed by CryoAction, the market leaders, whose existing clients include other Premier League clubs such as Everton, Leicester City, Bournemouth, Watford & Premiership new boys, Huddersfield FC.

CryoAction co-founder, Ian Saunders commented ”We were delighted to have been selected from a number of companies offering differing solutions by such a prestigious club as Arsenal FC. The club has moved forward from using an interim mobile cryotherapy solution to a fully integrated chamber which emphasises the growing importance of whole body cryotherapy as a recovery modality for Premier League teams.”

The installation was completed in the pre-season with players making full use of their new cryotherapy chamber as part of their preparation for the new Premier League season. Accommodating up to 8 players in a single session, the new unit offers treatments at temperatures as low as -160°C for durations of between 3 and 5 minutes.

The cryotherapy treatments aim to reduce the effects of fatigue resulting from the intensity of the Premier League season. In addition, offering the ability to reduce the impact of soft tissue injuries, bringing pain relief, enhancing sleep recovery and improving overall player well-being, the new cryotherapy chamber complements the advanced techniques now available to Arsenal FC players.

ARSENAL FC new cryotherapy chamber from CryoAction‘The installation at Arsenal went very smoothly and working in collaboration with our partners BOC & Thames Cryogenics, we have created one of the largest cryotherapy chambers installed in the UK.” said David Morris, CryoAction co-founder. He added,” We look forward to working with the medical and sports science teams at Arsenal FC to introduce a best practice regimen around whole body cryotherapy as a key element in their recovery protocols”.