cryotherapy spas

A cryotherapy spa offers treatments that involve moisture or any other aqua form. In fact, some people associate the spas as a form of health from the water. The history of cryotherapy goes back many years when it was said to be a spiritual healing process. Most spas have incorporated the cryotherapy as the vital activity in their fitness program. The cryotherapy has been diverse to serve as a treatment, body fitness and beauty method in the spas. The cryotherapy has provided a more efficient alternative to the use of ice pack in the spas.

The Cryotherapy Spa Process

In the Spa, cryotherapy process takes an effective short period. Since the process is frostbite, the spas provide freezing experience in the freezing nitrogen-filled chambers. The cryotherapy has also become famous among most athletes for the quick recovery abilities it comes with.

People involved in sports, whether as participants, coaches or even as medical team members know that the increasing demand of today’s sport needs ever more advanced approaches to enable all the participants to compete at current levels successfully. Coaching and professional training must be accompanied by correct facilities for enabling the best recovery strategies to be implemented. When an injury takes place, the time of recovery must be minimised by using the best available techniques: that is where the cryotherapy spas come in. The spas have opened up the service in most parts of the world as demand increases. Muscle problems such as pains as well as injuries are some of the most common issues dealt with in the process for the regular clients. Cryotherapy is done at a temperature between zero up to -200 degrees.

Benefits of Cryotherapy Spas

  • They relieve most pains such as muscle pains. The said pain relieve having been characterised and studied. Research studies show that cryotherapy has been successful in controlling pains caused by arthritis problems.
  • They have been successful in promoting and playing a role in weight loss. Under cold temperatures, the body forces responsible for increasing your weight are subject to action, so they work hard to gain or maintain warmth. The process results in weight loss.
  • They are an effective controller of inflammation. Inflammation occurs due to the over-reactive action of immune systems whenever it works toward battling any infections in the blood. The swellings are related to various health problems such as dementia, diabetes and depression. In fact, research studies show that the practice can prevent dementia.
  • Efficiently minimise your chances of getting various form cancers. The medical experts at times freeze the patients during cancer treatments. The body under freezing condition will attract more oxygen, which is relevant to blood circulation.
  • Generally, under shallow temperatures, the body is likely to release various hormones such as endorphins. Endorphins are hormones responsible for better feelings in humans. The hormones get into the blood system, and they eliminate anxiety.

• The Cryotherapy practice can effectively prevent and heal various medical problems. The non-surgical or medical method is highly effective in pain control.

CryoAction Cryotherapy Chamber at Arsenal FC
CryoAction Cryotherapy Chambers Used By Elite Sports Teams For Recovery

Cryotherapy may be defined as the treatment of pain by use of freezing temperature. This extremely cold temperature is used to dampen a nerve that is irritated by the pain. The therapy may also be used to treat certain cancers. In addition to this, cryotherapy is also used by dermatologists during the treatment of abnormal skin cells.

How Cryotherapy Is Carried Out

During this process, a kind of probe is inserted into the tissue that is adjacent to the nerve that is affected by the extreme pain. The probe that is inserted, then automatically lowers its temperature to freezing mode. As a result, the affected nerve becomes inactive. In turn, this ensures that the irritation, as well as the pain of the nerve, are relieved.

Cryotherapy may also be carried out in a sauna-like chamber known as the cryotherapy unit, cryosauna or cryotherapy chamber. This is also referred to as whole-body cryotherapy. However, these chambers use nitrogen in liquid form to carry out the process. The liquid nitrogen is found in the chamber and their temperatures are lowered to as low as -160 degrees.

The whole cryotherapy session should be carried out by an experienced, certified and trained cryotherapy technician. If the process is carried out in a chamber, then the participant wear gloves, slippers, and socks or even briefs. However, you are strongly advised not to apply any moisture promoting the product to your skin an hour before the procedure. Additionally, you should not have any jewellery, makeup or metal wear.

Steps of Cryotherapy

During the first step toxins and other harmful substances are expected to be extracted from your blood. That is during the initial stage, which takes place between two to three minutes. During this process, the extreme cold and freezing temperatures are expected to work with your body’s physiology to produce the desired detox and numbing effect.

During the second step, the body’s physiology now tries to normalize itself. However, it does this with cleansed blood, which is filled with nutrients, oxygen, and other vital organisms. This rich blood comes courtesy of cryotherapy. In this stage, your body also warms itself up. However, for your body to fully recover, it will need a time frame of approximately 48 hours.

That is the last step, which can also be called the restoration step. That is because, throughout this period, your body completely restores itself to how it was before albeit in a healthier manner. Moreover, the process will also promote more energy levels in your body.

Conditions That Cryotherapy Treats

Cryotherapy is known to treat conditions such as osteoarthritis, extreme back pain, fibromyalgia, muscle trains, rheumatoid arthritis, as well as tendinitis. Renowned sports personalities have used this therapy to relieve their bodies from extreme pain and fatigue which sporting activities bring. If you have a condition that you want to treat using cryotherapy, ensure you discuss it with the person administering or assisting with your treatment. It is always recommended consulting a doctor before you use any type of therapy.

cryotherapy for beauty
The rise of cryotherapy in the beauty industry.

The modern world has adopted the use of cryotherapy as a beauty improvement and maintainer. When its name comes to mind, one should see a revolved treatment option for various body problems. Its concept derives merely it working as a cold cure mechanism. Cryotherapy is a treatment method which involves exposure of the body to extremely low temperatures of less than 160 degrees with the aim to stimulate the oxygenation, circulation, skin nourishment as well as the sustenance of the sub dermic tissue. The demand for the treatment has risen in recent years in Europe and North America regions. However, the practices related to the treatment usage dates many years back in ancient Egypt and Greek. The practice became popular in 1970 after re-emerging from Japan as arthritis treatment for pain relive purposes. It has gone under various improvement to date making it applicable in many ways of treatment, including inflammation, controls, muscle pain injury healing and an anti-ageing treatment.

How Cryotherapy Works

The treatment works by activating a fight or flight response for surviving that makes blood to leave the irrelevant extremities. In the process, the body is subjected to direct cold surface which in turn makes it react by having a flow of blood to the core. The action leads to the release of endorphins and anti-inflammatory molecules. The working of this treatment depends on the form it’s administered. Some of these forms include direct use, coldness application to the affected body parts and whole body therapy as a method of the cold sauna. The effects of its usage vary; for instance, the entire body Cryotherapy has higher Impact on the body whereby it influences the nervous, circulatory and energy systems.

Primary Forms of Cryotherapy Related to Beauty

The Cryofacial Method – The technique applies nitrogen vapour in a pressurised form at 160degrees. The vapour is used to face and neck area to enable collagen production. In return, it also reduces the pore sizes. Secondly, there is Cryo-shaping, which is a treatment that combines physiotherapeutic and beautifying treatments. It aims at improving the skin and body size by dissolving and eradicating the fats from the body. Cryotherapy for hair is another form of treatment that aims at improving hair growth conditions. The method activates its dormant follicles as well as reducing scalp by limiting production of fats. The whole body Cryotherapy is a form that involves complete body cooling using ice cubes or exposing the body to the low-temperature vapour of about -300 to -200 degrees for a few minutes. It also includes the cellulite reduction, a method that enables activation of blood flow in an area subjected to the treatment. That action turns white fats to burn and produce heat in the body.

Benefits of Cryotherapy

The therapy has become famous for its pain relieve and many anti-ageing benefits it offers to the skin and general body health. The following are some of the health benefits gained:

  • The treatment ensures quick recovery from surgical operations due to the ability to relieve pain. For skin related cases, its normality and healing is achieved at a faster rate.
  • It acts as an effective treatment for dermatitis and psoriasis due to its pain reduction ability as well as enables healing through the boosted immune system.
  • It raises the body’s ability to renew the cells: the renewal improves the skin appearance.
  • It offers anti-ageing mechanisms through production of collagen leading to reduction of wrinkles, which in return leads to a firmer skin.
  • Improved circulation of the blood and the ability to drain the toxins through natural means from the body leads to minimising and elimination of acne and pimples.
  • The treatment, especially Cryo-shaping and cellulite reduction are effective in lowering weight by boosting burning of calories and fat removal through the skin as well as the general well-being of the body.
  • Cryotherapy for hair not only boosts the hair growth but also works efficiently in eliminating problems such as dandruff and scalps. The hair eventually becomes shiny and looks well nurtured.
  • The Cryotherapy is useful in managing inflammation that would otherwise affect the body seem beautiful.

The ability of Cryotherapy to provide treatments that are targeting the improvement of skin has made its demand to rise. With anti-ageing effects, the adoption of the procedure continues to grow in the beauty industry.