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Cryotherapy London

CryoAction London office

CryoAction London Office
71-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ

CryoAction is the leading provider of whole body cryotherapy equipment such as integrated & portable cryotherapy chambers and is based in Covent Garden, London.

The company works as the cryotherapy supplier of choice to many leading organisations involved in sports but also the health and wellness sector. The majority of these businesses are based in and around London and CryoAction being based in central London offers a distinct advantage.

London is the heartbeat of the UK and CryoAction is the only cryotherapy supplier based in the nation’s capital.

Arsenal FC Emirates Stadium London

Arsenal FC Emirates Stadium London

A number of CryoAction’s client are based in an around London from leading sports clubs such as Arsenal FC and Saracens, the current European Cup and Premiership title holders. All of these businesses have incorporated cryotherapy into their sports recovery protocols.

Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber Treatments

CryoAction is also working in conjunction with a great many businesses such as London hotel and spa owners who are seeking to add cryotherapy to their extensive list of services available to Londoners or visitors to London.

Cryotherapy is also becoming a feature on the high streets of London’s boroughs as entrepreneurs seek to being the major trend from the United States to a diverse range of requirements for cryotherapy from Londoners. CryoAction is working with a number of these startup businesses with projects in central London, the City of London and London’s suburbs.