First Time Cryotherapy Tips

Cryotherapy is a healing technique, which involves the exposure of your body to sub-zero temperatures. This healing technique was first used in Japan in the year 1978. It was used as an effective method to help treat people with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. After, its success in treating such diseases, people began using the therapy method as holistic therapy solution that benefits the body and mind. So how does cryotherapy work?

Cryotherapy treatment

People enter into a chamber known as the CryoSauna. A CryoSauna is a cylindrical metallic chamber where cryotherapy occurs. After entering the CryoSauna, you are engulfed in a mist of Nitrogen from your shoulders downwards.

The nitrogen mist creates cold air that brings the temperature of the CryoSauna down between -165F to -260F. You have to spend three minutes inside the CryoSauna for the therapy session to be effective. While inside the CryoSauna, there is someone outside who monitors the entire session. Some of the benefits of cryotherapy include the reduction of cellulite; it helps people recover from surgery faster in comparison to waiting for the normal healing process. The therapy session also has a positive effect on a person’s mental health. However, first-timers in cryotherapy should know a few things:

  1. Before entering the CryoSauna, you should disrobe privately of course. You later have to wear two pairs of gloves, slippers, and one pair of socks. While disrobing ensures you prepare your mind adequately for the process, you are about to undertake. If it helps, you can try some breathing exercises to help relax and calm you.
  2. Three minutes inside the CryoSauna seems like forever. The first minute of the cryotherapy session is bearable. However, the next two minutes require patience and endurance. Even though you may be mentally ready for the session, you still feel the cold. The temperatures begin to drop, and your skin starts to sting because of the cold air. Afterward, your teeth begin to chatter, and all you can think about is the sun.
  3. It is important to remember that once the temperatures in the CryoSauna drop to -165F, you will lose track of time. At a point, you will ask the time quite a few times before the session is finally over.
  4. The ultimate results after the cryotherapy session include a sense of calm and peace of mind; it also has a significant impact on the state of your body.