The Great Cryotherapy Weight Loss Myth

Are weight loss claims for cryotherapy optimistic?

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Myth or Truth? Any claims of cryotherapy’s role in weight loss should be taken with a pinch of salt. Image by Schlachta Stanislav (via Shutterstock).

As well as rehabilitating sports personalities from injury, cryotherapy has been hailed as a cure all for several conditions. Some of the claims may be spurious and should be taken with a pinch of salt. For this post, we look at how cryotherapy is used as a weight loss treatment.

It is claimed that a three minute session can burn up to 800 calories. Once you leave the cryosauna, the impact of the cold sees your body working harder to warm up. In an article seen in the Daily Mail, an Australian woman saw her dress size fall from size 12 to size 10, in the space of six weeks. She made no changes to her diet.

As your body works harder, it is claimed in one source that it helped a woman to improve her metabolism. She also said it got her used to the weather in Michigan, which if you look at average temperatures, is no different to those in Glasgow.

The Weight Loss Myth Debunked

On the other hand, it states that weight loss, in relation to cryotherapy is only marginal. Though cryotherapy does have an effect on metabolism, changes in diet and lifestyle are a better long term option. For example: laying off the saturated fats and walking to the shops instead of driving.

So, if you were to consider cryotherapy as part of your weight loss regime, consider it as a secondary action. Alongside ditching the takeaways and having a less sedentary lifestyle. If you’re tired after a long run and need to stay fit, this is where whole body cryotherapy serves its purpose.

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