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CryoAction works with a number of best of breed partners, each offering a strategic advantage to the company and its customers. Our partners are selected due to their unique abilities, attention to detail and first class service.

BOC is CryoAction exclusive gas partner. Part of the global Linde Group, the world’s largest industrial gas providers, BOC have extenisve experience in cryotherapy. The company operates a number of mobile cryotherapy units, providing sports organisations with access to cryotherapy treatments at their stadia or training facilities. BOC offers a range of service and expertise to enable CryoAction customers to ensure that they have a gas solution that is both practical and meets the stringent health and safety standards.

Creator Sp. z.o.o

CryoAction and Creator Sp z.o.o have an exclusive partnership. Collaborating on the design and development of whole body cryotherapy equipment, the companies have forged a strong alliance and innovated on a number of new product initiatives. Creator own and operate a number of private cryotherapy clinics in Poland, offering over 1000 treatments to patients per day. The company has an installed base of over 100 cryotherapy chambers across health and wellness facilities in Europe.