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Rental cryotherapy chambers

CryoAction’s rental cryotherapy chambers are adapted versions of our transportable cryotherapy chambers, designed specifically for the rental market.

Available for medium to long term rental, CryoAction’s rental units offer an immediate, always-available solution for clients who need a quick recovery solution that can be deployed and deliver cryotherapy to an entire squad of players in the quickest possible time and with minimal disruption.

With our range of rental options, we can meet a short term need for cryotherapy that offers the flexibility of an on-demand service which is permanently on-site throughout the rental period, allowing treatments as and when required, rather than subject to the supplier’s availability as with other rental solutions.

The rental units are very popular for clients seeking to add extra impetus to athletes preparation, end of season drive for honours as well as organisers of tournaments and major events.

CryoAction Rental Cryotherapy Chamber

CryoAction’s rental cryotherapy chambers offer extraordinary flexibility being designed to be installed externally, often adjacent to gymnasiums or changing areas. The cryochambers are used where internal space is restricted or construction of new facilities is is to take place in the future and a temporary cryotherapy solution is required. The unit houses everything required to deliver a complete cryotherapy treatment in one purpose designed unit. The specially fabricated unit comprises a  cryotherapy chamber, a changing/preparation area and a separate entrance for the technical apparatus. All the unit requires is a stable foundation, electricity and a separate liquid nitrogen supply and treatments can commence.

The units is built with a prefabricated structure consisting of a vestibule and the actual chamber, where the walls are filled with thermal isolation. The internal walls of the chamber are lined with attractive lime wood panels.

The cryochamber is cooled using liquid nitrogen. This enables the system to deliver effective cryotherapy treatment temperatures as low as -160°C. The advanced design and configuration of the system makes the CryoAction cryotherapy chamber to be one of the most efficient and also economical in its consumption of liquid nitrogen.

Product options

2 - 3 person transportable cryotherapy chamber


Length: 6000mm

Width:   2400mm

Height:  2900mm


Rental customers purchasing their own cryotherapy unit, receive 50% of their rental fees back as a discount.

Specification of the CryoAction transportable cryochamber

Nominal operating conditions

  • Ambient temperature:                                                      10 – 45°C
  • Relative humidity:                                                            <85%
  • Atmospheric pressure:                                                      80 – 106 kPa
  • Type of operation:                                                            continuous operation
  • Power supply:                                                                  internal

Cryochamber working parameters

  • number of patients in the cryochamber:                             2 – 3
  • Treatment time (by personnel):                                         1 min – 3 min
  • Treatment time (by programming):                                   30 s to 5 min. every 1s

Cryochamber operating parameters

  • Temperature stabilization in treatment chamber:                                        ± 3 0C (max. +/- 10°C)
  • Cryochamber cooling time:                                                                       40 min. to -160 0C
  • Quantity of respiratory air introduced into the chamber:                              (163 k) > 35 m3/h
  • Concentration of oxygen in the chamber:                                                   18 – 22%
  • Life span of oxygen sensors:                                                                     3 – 4 years
  • Consumption of LIN to cool the chamber:                                                   to -120°C – approx. 100 kg

to -160°C – approx. 120 kg

  • LIN consumption during treatment sessions:                                               from 60 kg – 80 kg

Alarm systems

Decrease in the concentration of oxygen in the chamber:

  • < 19% a sound signal and automatic cut-off of the inflow of the cryogenic liquid both into the chamber as well as into the building.
  • +22% a sound signal and automatic cut-off of the inflow of the cryogenic liquid both into the chamber as well as into the building.
  • Patient has a push button located inside the chamber, as well as a light and sound signal.

Operating Data

  • Normal power consumption:                                                                        16 (A)
  • Power supply:                                                                                             400/50 (V/Hz)
  • Temperature range in treatment chamber:                                                    from -80 0C to -160 0C
  • Temperature in pre-chamber:                                                                      -60 0C
  • Cryogenic chamber cooling down to temperature:                                         -120°C ca.25 mins.
  • Time inside treatment chamber (regulated by personnel):                              1 – 3 mins.
  • Time inside pre-chamber (regulated by personnel):                                       1 – 3 mins.
  • Automatic chamber regeneration:                                                                programmable by operator

Liquid Consumption

  • Liquid nitrogen consumption for cooling down:                               100 kg
  • Liquid nitrogen consumption during a 3 min treatment:                   3-4 kg

Additional items

  • Music player                                                                               Installed
  • Microphone enabling one way voice transmission                           Installed
  • External monitor to main chamber                                                Installed