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CryoAction Cryotherapy Chamber at Arsenal FC
CryoAction Cryotherapy Chambers Used By Elite Sports Teams For Recovery

Cryotherapy may be defined as the treatment of pain by use of freezing temperature. This extremely cold temperature is used to dampen a nerve that is irritated by the pain. The therapy may also be used to treat certain cancers. In addition to this, cryotherapy is also used by dermatologists during the treatment of abnormal skin cells.

How Cryotherapy Is Carried Out

During this process, a kind of probe is inserted into the tissue that is adjacent to the nerve that is affected by the extreme pain. The probe that is inserted, then automatically lowers its temperature to freezing mode. As a result, the affected nerve becomes inactive. In turn, this ensures that the irritation, as well as the pain of the nerve, are relieved.

Cryotherapy may also be carried out in a sauna-like chamber known as the cryotherapy unit, cryosauna or cryotherapy chamber. This is also referred to as whole-body cryotherapy. However, these chambers use nitrogen in liquid form to carry out the process. The liquid nitrogen is found in the chamber and their temperatures are lowered to as low as -160 degrees.

The whole cryotherapy session should be carried out by an experienced, certified and trained cryotherapy technician. If the process is carried out in a chamber, then the participant wear gloves, slippers, and socks or even briefs. However, you are strongly advised not to apply any moisture promoting the product to your skin an hour before the procedure. Additionally, you should not have any jewellery, makeup or metal wear.

Steps of Cryotherapy

During the first step toxins and other harmful substances are expected to be extracted from your blood. That is during the initial stage, which takes place between two to three minutes. During this process, the extreme cold and freezing temperatures are expected to work with your body’s physiology to produce the desired detox and numbing effect.

During the second step, the body’s physiology now tries to normalize itself. However, it does this with cleansed blood, which is filled with nutrients, oxygen, and other vital organisms. This rich blood comes courtesy of cryotherapy. In this stage, your body also warms itself up. However, for your body to fully recover, it will need a time frame of approximately 48 hours.

That is the last step, which can also be called the restoration step. That is because, throughout this period, your body completely restores itself to how it was before albeit in a healthier manner. Moreover, the process will also promote more energy levels in your body.

Conditions That Cryotherapy Treats

Cryotherapy is known to treat conditions such as osteoarthritis, extreme back pain, fibromyalgia, muscle trains, rheumatoid arthritis, as well as tendinitis. Renowned sports personalities have used this therapy to relieve their bodies from extreme pain and fatigue which sporting activities bring. If you have a condition that you want to treat using cryotherapy, ensure you discuss it with the person administering or assisting with your treatment. It is always recommended consulting a doctor before you use any type of therapy.

CryoAction client, Saracens, were featured in a Sky Sports News segment on their use of whole body cryotherapy and the chamber supplied by CryoAction, as part of their recovery from the rigours of European Champions Cup competition.

Fresh from an emphatic 57 points to 13 victory against Northampton Saints, the Saracens players demonstrated the use of cryotherapy as a key component of recovering from the exertions of the intensive match. and the preparations for the next round.

Saracens highlight use of CryoAction cryotherapy chamber on Sky Sports NewsSaracens, British Lions & England players Brad Barritt, George Kruis and Jamie George were on hand to deliver their solid endorsement of the 21st century cooling technology offered by CryoAction, where players are immersed into a walk in chamber where the air is cooled to temperatures as low as -160°C / 265°F. The treatment lasts only 3 minutes and the players use the cryochamber after morning training and late in the afternoon, post afternoon training.

Saracens Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach, Ben Pollard also presented the view of the coaching staff, highlighting the importance of being able to use the cryotherapy chamber to reduce the effects of soft tissue damage post game and to help the players to recover, both physically and mentally. An important element of this recovery, according to both player and coach alike, is the enhanced sleep recovery arising from the use of cryotherapy as a modality.

The CryoAction whole body cryotherapy chamber is one of a number of similar products installed across a number of sporting disciplines with the company supplying a wide range of leading sports teams such as Arsenal FC, Everton FC, Watford FC, AFC Bournemouth and others.

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Saracens use of CryoAction cryotherapy chamber on Sky Sports News









Fixed cryotherapy chamber
Cryotherapy treatment

Cryo means extreme cold while therapy means a treatment aimed at relieving or healing a disorder. Therefore, Cryotherapy involves exposing the body to low temperatures averaging -222F for at least three minutes to facilitate faster recovery and healing after a workout.

Exposing the body to extreme temperatures causes the skin sensors to signal the brain to send more blood the body’s core. Toxins are eliminated as the blood rushes through to the core. Blood is also enriched with more oxygen and nutrients in the process. After leaving the cryotherapy chamber, blood is forced to rush back through the body which accelerates the recovery process.

Three things happen during cryotherapy; one, there is the release of endorphins, two, there is increased production of collagen, and lastly, there is an acceleration of the metabolic rate. The simultaneous occurrence of the three processes shortens the recovery process. The endorphins also help the body in handling excess pain and inflammation. The other benefits of this type of therapy include improved skin smoothness and elasticity plus an increased amount of calories burned by the body.

Cryotherapy for Athletes and other Elite Sports

Cryotherapy has helped many athletes to get to the top of the leaderboard. The cryotherapy for elite sports helps in injury recovery and healing. For example, earlier this year, Fulham became the first elite sports club to tailor cryotherapy after learning about its effectiveness in injury recovery. Football players who underwent cryotherapy took less amount of time than expected to return to training and physical fitness. Other English Premier League teams such as Leicester City and Arsenal FC have also embraced cryotherapy.

Is Cryotherapy safe?

Every cryotherapy session administered by a trained technician is considered safe. During the treatment, the clients’ head remains outside the chamber. The hands are covered with insulated gloves while the feet are covered with booties to reduce the risk of being exposed to the extreme conditions. A single cryotherapy session can’t last for more than three minutes which allows the client to feel the benefits. The body is fully protected from exposure to the dangerous temperatures.

Cryotherapy for elite sports is widely regarded as a natural performance enhancer for athletes which help in speeding up recovery allowing faster repair of any damaged muscle tissue hence reducing the pain and giving room for more frequent training sessions. Sometimes, the process can be administered in such a way that it targets specific areas suffering from an injury. The therapy aims to reduce the pain and provide a physical therapy without any form of muscle manipulation.

Although it may vary from one individual to another, the immediate results of cryotherapy include improved recovery time, pain relief and reduced inflammation. The therapy can benefit injured athletes who want to heal faster or competitive athletes who are looking for ways of improving their performance.


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