Types of cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a treatment method where extremely cold temperatures are used to treat various conditions such as ligament injury, muscle injury, swelling and inflammation among others. Cold therapy is also used in treating benign and malignant lesions. Cryotherapy is beneficial in mental health, heart problems, sleeping problems, injuries and skin problems. Some of the common types of Cryotherapy include the following.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy is the latest type of Cryotherapy that is used as an alternative to cold water and ice packs. In this method, the patient is kept in the cryogenic chamber briefly – bot exceeding 3 minutes. The Cryotherapy chambers in Whole Body Cryotherapy is cooled using liquid nitrogen to temperatures of about 120 degrees Celsius. Patients wear a bathing suit, gloves, socks, ear and mouth gear to protect them from frostbites. Despite the cold chamber temperatures, the core body temperatures remain constant. Whole Body Cryotherapy stimulated endorphins, the natural body painkiller that relieves pain, insomnia, and other conditions.

Partial Body Cryotherapy

This form of Cryotherapy where devices known as Cryosaunas are used. Cryosaunas are cylindrical Cryotherapy chambers with an aperture at the top that allows the head of the patient to remain outside to prevent it from cold stimulus. Partial Body Cryotherapy differs from Whole Body Cryotherapy in that it uses an evaporated liquid nitrogen in the chambers.

Ice Pack Therapy

This is a cold treatment therapy done to an injured body part. The ice pack is placed over the injured area to absorb heat resulting from the injury. This method is commonly used in alleviating minor injuries and reduce muscle soreness. Ice park therapy can also be used in sports medicine where ice packs are applied to the injured part. However, it should only be used for a maximum of 10 minutes to avoid decreasing performance.

Instant Ice Pack Therapy

Instant ice pack therapy encompasses an appliance with two bags, an outer bag with water and the inner with ammonium nitrate. Squeezing the outer bag breaks the inner bag, dissolving the ammonium nitrate in water. The resultant endothermic reaction absorbs heat from the surrounding environment thus lowers the temperatures of the ice pack. This mode is a convenient alternative to crushed ice and is best for sports injuries.

Internal Cryotherapy

Internal Cryotherapy is a type of Cryotherapy where surgeons use freezing agents to treat internal body parts. It is a common treatment strategy for some forms of cancer.

Cryotherapy can also be classified based on the type of illness used to treat. Based on this classification, there are five types including:

  • Cryotherapy for prostate
  • Cervical Cryotherapy
  • Cryotherapy for lungs
  • Cryotherapy for heart surgery
  • Cryotherapy for prostate

Before settling on one type, ensure that you consult a medical professional on the benefits, side effects and precautions associated with each.

CryoAction client, Saracens, were featured in a Sky Sports News segment on their use of whole body cryotherapy and the chamber supplied by CryoAction, as part of their recovery from the rigours of European Champions Cup competition.

Fresh from an emphatic 57 points to 13 victory against Northampton Saints, the Saracens players demonstrated the use of cryotherapy as a key component of recovering from the exertions of the intensive match. and the preparations for the next round.

Saracens highlight use of CryoAction cryotherapy chamber on Sky Sports NewsSaracens, British Lions & England players Brad Barritt, George Kruis and Jamie George were on hand to deliver their solid endorsement of the 21st century cooling technology offered by CryoAction, where players are immersed into a walk in chamber where the air is cooled to temperatures as low as -160°C / 265°F. The treatment lasts only 3 minutes and the players use the cryochamber after morning training and late in the afternoon, post afternoon training.

Saracens Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach, Ben Pollard also presented the view of the coaching staff, highlighting the importance of being able to use the cryotherapy chamber to reduce the effects of soft tissue damage post game and to help the players to recover, both physically and mentally. An important element of this recovery, according to both player and coach alike, is the enhanced sleep recovery arising from the use of cryotherapy as a modality.

The CryoAction whole body cryotherapy chamber is one of a number of similar products installed across a number of sporting disciplines with the company supplying a wide range of leading sports teams such as Arsenal FC, Everton FC, Watford FC, AFC Bournemouth and others.

To see the video in full, please click on the image below.

Saracens use of CryoAction cryotherapy chamber on Sky Sports News









How much is cryotherapy equipment

Cryotherapy equipment image by Jacob Lund (via Shutterstock).
In the home, having your own cryotherapy chamber is a dear do. For sports clubs, a sound investment as we know ourselves. Image by Jacob Lund (via Shutterstock).

We are probably light years away from having cryotherapy equipment in every home. At present, the cost of a full body chamber is only affordable for very wealthy households. Footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo and motivational guru Anthony Robbins are among the exceptions.

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Premier League new boys, Huddersfield Town have become the latest club to install a cryotherapy unit from industry leaders, CryoAction. In the run up to the club’s inaugural season in the top flight, the Terriers have invested in the revolutionary technology to help their players meet the physical challenges of the most competitive league in the world.

The 4 person CryoAction cryotherapy unit has been installed at Huddersfield Town’s training ground and is now in regular use by the first team and staff. The experience of enduring temperatures as low as -160°C is a new one for many of the players but they have quickly embraced the treatment, and cryotherapy has been readily integrated as part of their recovery protocols.

CryoAction co-founder, Ian Saunders commented “We are delighted to be working with Huddersfield Town in their first season in the Premier League. We hope that the installation of our cryotherapy chamber and the adoption of the treatment used by so many of our other elite clients in football will help the players stay healthy and recover faster from the physical demands of the modern game.”

Huddersfield Town’s Head of Performance Services, Dr. John Iga, said of the installation “Our playing style and training regime are well documented and necessitate that we have the most comprehensive approaches to player recovery possible, and cryotherapy forms an important part of our strategy

John added, “Having made the decision to invest in cryotherapy, we contacted CryoAction due to their track record and reputation within football and have been delighted how quickly they were able to install a 4 person system in time for the start of pre-season training. Our staff have now been fully trained to operate the cryochamber, and already the feedback from the players has been extremely positive.”

CryoAction Cryotherapy chamber as installed at Huddersfield TownThe whole body cryotherapy unit installed at the club is a 4 person transportable unit, comprising a dual chamber cryotherapy suite complete with CCTV, monitors, 02 sensors, heated windows, audio system and touch screen control panel.

David Morris of CryoAction said “Huddersfield Town, like so many of our Premier League clients, the technology enables their players to recover from fatigue, reduce the impact of soft tissue injuries, while improving the players immunity and overall wellbeing. We look forward to working with everyone at the club and wish them good fortune this season and beyond.”

About CryoAction

CryoAction is the leading supplier of whole body cryotherapy systems with a range of Premier League clients including Arsenal, Leicester City, Everton and many others.

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a rapid recovery solution used by elite sports clubs. The treatment involves a 3 minute exposure to air that is cooled to temperatures as low as -160°C. The physiological reaction to the extreme cold brings about a series of benefits such as reductions in inflammation, pain relief, positive hormonal responses, reduction in stress levels and enhanced sleep recovery.



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A look at the celebrities who choose cryotherapy treatments and why they choose to have them

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrities image by Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley (via Shutterstock).
Real Madrid legend Cristiano Ronaldo swears by cryotherapy so much that he has his own whole body cryotherapy chamber at home. Image by Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley (via Shutterstock).

Within our website, we have focused on the many sports teams who have turned to us for cryotherapy treatments. Teams who have hired or purchased the cryotherapy systems we offer and champion. As well as sports stars, celebrities other than sports personalities have warmed to their two minutes in the deep freeze.

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How dogs can benefit from the whole body cryotherapy treatment, like their owners

Whole Body Cryotherapy for Dogs image by Tigerkapom (via Shutterstock).
Life in the old dog: cryotherapy can be used to cure canine eye disorders. Image by Tigerkapom (via Shutterstock).

As documented on our website, we have seen how cryotherapy treatments have benefited sports personalities. In addition to the treating the Uniteds, the Citys, the Albions and the Rovers of this world, Rover’s turn to benefit has come. Recently, whole body cryotherapy has been adopted by veterinary surgeries with dogs and cats benefiting.

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A few cryotherapy related facts and half truths you probably didn’t know about

Cryotherapy sauna image by Jacob Lund (via Shutterstock).
A whole body cryotherapy sauna booth. Image by Jacob Lund (via Shutterstock).

In the last five years, cryotherapy has taken the world by storm. It has seen a rise in popularity among football and rugby sides as a way of treating sports injuries. This is where CryoAction comes in. Cryotherapy’s use in treatment is its raison d’etre and original reason for its invention.

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Everton Football Club have, this week, become the latest Premiership club to install a whole body cryotherapy chamber at their Finch Farm training ground, supplied by the leaders in the cryotherapy sector – CryoAction.

Following in the path of current Premier League champions Leicester City, Watford FC and AFC Bournemouth to name a few, Everton’s cryochamber has been installed within a purpose built CryoAction transportable unit. This large 7 metre facility allows up to 4 players at a time to use the cryotherapy recovery modality, whilst being cooled to temperatures as low as -160°C during an average 3 minute treatment.

David Morris, Director of CryoAction said, “We are delighted to welcome Everton FC as our latest client. With a club so rich in history, it is wonderful to see new technologies, such as ours, being readily adopted by the medical staff and players. A number of the players have used cryotherapy while on training camps or international duty, but for a club to invest in the technology used by so many nowadays, it is a real statement of intent and a commitment to the well-being of the players.”

CryoAction continues to show its dominance in supply of cryotherapy technology, with increased delivery of units from their manufacturing base in Poland to both rugby and football clubs before the busy Christmas period, in order to meet a growing demand which, at times, is proving difficult given the increasing recent popularity of the cryotherapy treatments.

Competitive advantage

David Morris continues, “Given the rise in popularity, naturally we have seen start-up companies emerge and attempt to sell into the elite market. Thankfully for CryoAction, many clubs have realised that all too often, the desperate ‘too good to believe’ offers are just that. CryoAction’s superior technology and full service proposition includes the likes of partnerships with gas giant BOC, ; safety, medical certification, training, service and support etc. This is taken into account when selecting CryoAction as the cryotherapy supplier of choice.

“Our latest installation at Everton is an example of working in conjunction with the club to ensure that not only do we offer the leading technology in the market but also that it incorporates the club’s branding. We take great care with the aesthetic appearance of our units, both externally and internally. This helps to ensure the adoption of our treatment in a unit that is attractive on the eye.

For more information

For more information about CryoAction please visit www.cryoaction.com to learn more about their bespoke fixed units for integration into existing facilities as well as transportable or mobile solutions. Purchase costs start from £500 a week, with other units available for short term or long term rental.