Nice to see our CryoAction Whole Body cryotherapy chamber being used by the team at Leicester City and featured on Sky Sports News recently. Fantastic team spirit there and great people to work with.

Premier League top scorer, Jamie Vardy and teammates are seen using the -135°C cryotherapy chamber and seem to be enjoying it!

To see the video, click on the link below:-

CryoAction Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber featured on Sky Sports News

For more information on our installation at Leicester City and interviews with players and physios, please click here.

CryoAction, the leading provider of whole body cryotherapy solutions, is partnering with Football Medical Association. The association represents & promotes all medical & science personnel in professional league football.

Whole Body Cryotherapy is in use across professional football in English Premier League & Championship, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1 & US Major League Soccer. CryoAction is supplying its units to these clubs, offering a range of solutions including fixed and mobile solutions, including rental units. The whole body cryotherapy solutions provided by the company enable rapid recovery for players suffering from fatigue and soft tissue injuries as well as helping players to meet the growing intensity of the game.

CryoAction co-founder and director, Ian Saunders said, ”We are excited to announce our partnership with Football Medical Association. We recognise the tremendous impact that medical and science personnel have on the modern game of football. Partnering with the Football Medical Association allows us to listen to this community and to adapt our solutions to meet their specific needs as well as to collaborate with association members to further the development of cryotherapy in professional football. We look forward to working with the association and its members in the future.”

Commenting on the partnership, Eamonn Salmon, Chief Executive of Football Medical Association, said, ” We are delighted to announce a partnership with CryoAction who have taken the concept of cryotherapy to new levels of application.  We very much look forward to developing our partnership and working with them over the coming seasons.”

CryoAction participated in the Football Medical Association conference 2016  held on 21 – 22 May 2016.

Jamie Vardy, who on Saturday equalled the record for the number of goals scored in consecutive Premier League games, has attributed his presence in the game to Leicester City’s investment in a whole body cryotherapy chamber from CryoAction.

Speaking following scoring an amazing 10 goals in a recent run of 10 successive Premier League games, Jamie said that he might not have been on the pitch, had it not been for a spell in a cryotherapy chamber as he recovers from a hip problem.

Jamie admitted: “I was very close to not playing, I’m not going to lie. Credit to the physios, they were literally working on me constantly. It was frustrating missing the England games but there was no point in risking it. I’d have loved to have played but it gave me a week off to recover.

“Obviously the cryo chamber that we’ve got at the training ground came in useful.

“It is absolutely freezing but it helps you in your recovery, so fair play to the club for getting that in.”

CryoAction cryotherapy chamber as installed at Leicester City Football Club.

The whole body cryotherapy chamber provided by CryoAction to Leicester City Football Club provides  an extreme cold treatment to enable rapid recovery and rehabilitation. The 3 minute treatment is delivered at temperatures as low as -150*C and promotes the reduction of the impact on soft tissue injuries such as the groin problem that could have kept Jamie out of the game and brought his record equalling run to an end.

CryoAction director, Ian Saunders commented, “Obviously we are delighted to have played a role in helping Jamie Vardy in his fantastic record equalling run. This validation from the Premier League’s leading striker is indicative of the benefits that clubs get from installing a CryoAction whole body cryotherapy chamber and the reason why other clubs are now following Leicester City’s example”.