CryoAction is a specialist provider of whole body cryotherapy equipment to elite sports. Serving a wide range of sporting disciplines, CryoAction have quickly become the provider of choice to medical teams and physiotherapists. Working with leading partners in the sector, ranging from the leading cryotherapy equipment manufacturers in the industry, the UK’s largest liquid nitrogen supplier through to asset finance specialists, CryoAction possess an unrivalled range of products and services to suit all whole body cryotherapy


Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy is an intensive cold treatment. Originally designed to treat circulatory diseases, it has been adapted for use in elite sports to enable rapid recovery and rehabilitation. The whole body cryotherapy treatment process places the athlete in a purpose built cryotherapy chamber with the air inside being cooled by Liquid Nitrogen gas. The chamber consists of an antechamber, cooled to -70°c and a main chamber, cooled to temperatures as low as -160°c. Treating



CryoAction offer a range of whole body cryotherapy chambers to meet all cryotherapy needs and budgets. These include:- Transportable whole body cryotherapy chamber – for the client restricted on space or requiring a semi-permanent solution, our various transportable whole body cryotherapy chamber options offer complete flexibility. Built into an attractive structure, the whole body cryotherapy units integrate seamlessly within a training complex and enable whole body cryotherapy to be offered in a few short weeks from order.


“The CryoAction whole body cryotherapy unit has become an integral part of the recovery and preparation culture here at Leicester City Football Club”.

Leicester City Football Club Dave Rennie, Head Physiotherapist

“We’ve used cryotherapy to great effect, immediately realising the benefits it brought to the players by increased speed of recovery from fatigue after games as well as quicker recovery from player tissue damage. By having our own cryotherapy system, CryoAction provides us with a piece of technology allowing us to get our first team training together as a squad"

Watford Football Club Ben Dixon, Senior Sport Scientist
Transportable Cryotherapy chamber from CryoAction

Transportable Cryotherapy Chambers

Our most popular option, a transportable chamber offers both flexibility and a complete self-contained solution. Housed inside a purpose built container, our transportable unit is designed to deliver treatments in a pleasant environment, albeit one that is outside any building. The chamber can be lifted into position and can be placed directly against an external door from the training facility, offering a seamless link between the building and the unit. Should needs change, the unit

Cryotherapy chamber

Fixed Cryotherapy Chambers

A fixed cryotherapy chamber is assembled within an existing building to offer a Whole Body Cryotherapy suite for complete integration inside the training facilities. The fixed cryotherapy chambers offer a range of options in sizing with the ability to serve up to 6 people in a single treatment. The dedicated unit then combines and complements the existing facilities within the facility and all services (Liquid Nitrogen etc.) can be routed from outside, preserving the aesthetics of the building. Offering

Mobile Cryotherapy Chamber

Rental Cryotherapy Chambers

For clients with a temporary or short term need for a cryotherapy chamber, CryoAction can provide a range of options for rental. Quickly available for delivery to a client’s location, the units come in a selection of sizes to suit a variety of needs and rental durations. Ideal for use in away fixtures, training camps or pre-season training, the rental cryotherapy units provide a ready and accessible format for the benefits of cryotherapy to be


CryoAction work in partnership with the best in class providers in cryogenics, enabling us to deliver leading edge products with the support and backup to ensure you realise the benefits your investment in CryoAction whole body cryotherapy equipment.

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